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About Me

Liz Spitdowski, Flippin' Sweets 'n Treats owner | fresh custom desserts and homemade treats

Elizabeth Spitdowski

Owner, Flippin' Sweets 'n Treats

Flippin' Sweets 'n Treats is my home-based bakery in Atlanta, GA. I've had a passion for baking (and eating) treats as long as I can remember. Growing up I would create elaborate treat assortments during the holidays and hand deliver them to everyone in the neighborhood. Now in my 30's I still love baking up a storm, experimenting with new recipes, and bringing joy to my friends & family in the form of custom homemade desserts and sweet treats. 


Sugar is my love language and I hope to share that love with as many people as possible! We all deserve a little sweetness in our lives - let me take the stress off of you to create delicious treats so you can enjoy more time with your family and friends at the next special event. 

When I'm not baking, you can find me in the gym - both the gymnastics gym and the weight room! I am an international elite qualified powerlifter through the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA). I love staying active, especially if it means I can eat more cookies.

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